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As a Coach or Team Coordinator, you will want to know how several functions on this website work.  Here is a list of the most commonly used functions. Click on the Hyperlink to be directed to the answers or scroll through the answers on this page:



ANSWER: How do I register as a coach
From the Home Page of the website click on the "Register Online" button from the left menu.

  • From the dropdown menu, select: Coach: US Lax Regis., then select the "Begin Registration" button
  • The system will ask if you are 18 or over, click "continue"
  • The system will ask you to log into your account.
    • If you are a parent of a player, you are probably already in the system. Please don't duplicate your record. Instead, log into your account using your email address and have the system send your password to you if you don't know your password. If someone else created your player's registrations, have him/her add you as a parent to the player.
    • If you are not in the system, follow the instructions for adding your information (Create an account). Date of Birth is critical for all coaches so make sure you input DOB into your profile.
  • Once you are logged into your  online profile, the system will bring you back to the registration questions. If you have “ineligible” next to your name, chances are good that your profile is missing your date of birth. Click on your name and edit your profile to be brought back to the registration questions. Answer the questions and click on submit. This REGISTERS you as a coach which is mandatory for US Lacrosse and insurance purposes.
  • Next, you need to make sure your name appears on your team (Under the Programs/Teams page of the website). By appearing on the Team Page, you will have admin access to your team pages.
    • If your name is on the Coach List sent to admin and you are a prior coach, you may already be listed under your team
    • If you are new, send an email to < > to be added.

ANSWER: How do I Log into the Administrative Features of the Website:
Click on “LOG IN” (upper right corner of the website)
  • Put in your email address (must be the one in your personal profile)
  • Put in your personal password (If you have lost your password, follow the directions to have the system send it to you Hint: Click on the question mark next to the password)
  • When your password has been accepted a new button “Administer” appears next to Log Out button.

ANSWER: How do I Email My Team

How a coach can group email his/her team:
After logging into the admin features, Menu Surf your way to your team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Programs/Teams tab and entering your team’s respective information in the boxes shown below:

Once on your team page, click on the Roster tab in the left hand column

Click on the Send Email button near the top/right of the roster page. This will put you into an email composition mode.

To email a smaller subgroup within the team: follow the same steps above, but once you are in the email composition mode just delete out the email addresses in the “To” box that you do not want to receive the message. A submenu appears which lists player names and check boxes to make this easier to do.

To email a single player; after logging into the admin area, navigate from the “Administrative Features” page to Members -> Email Members. From the Member Search screen, enter the player’s last name and highlight the team name. This function is only available after the teams have been formed unless you have greater admin access.

Sometimes you need to get time sensitive information to your player's parents and email is too slow. The website has a feature to send Text Messages to cell phones for those parents who turn the feature ON. When you create a bulletin message that you are also emailing to the team, simply check off the "Send Text Message" box at the bottom of the News Bulletin screen along with the email features check box.
See Setting up News Bulletin Message below for instructions to post a message on your team’s News Page AND email that message out to the team. This is the BEST way to ensure that your entire team gets information.

ANSWER: How do I Add a Practice to the Schedule

How to put a practice on your team’s schedule

As a general note: before adding any practices to your schedule, you can check on whether other teams have already scheduled a practice on a given field by clicking on the Master Schedule tab on the website’s home page (left hand column) and check the facility schedule.
  • After logging into the admin features, navigate to your team page and click “Schedule”  then click on the button ”Add Event“  (along the top of your TEAM PAGE). From the “New – Game Information” entry box:
  • Enter Date and Time.
  • Under Location find and click on the field that you are playing on. If it is not there, then use “To be determined” field and send an email to to get it added.
  • Under Category, you select “practice"
  • Under Team, select your team.
  • Under Opponent, leave it blank
  • Hit Submit and you should be all set.

Be sure to go to your schedule and make sure that this practice shows up. If it doesn’t, you have probably entered the wrong grade/team and it is sitting on someone else’s schedule. Figure that out and edit the error.

ANSWER: How do I Add a News (or Bulletin) Message to My Team Page

How a coach can leave a message on the team’s Home page

  • After logging into the admin features, Menu surf your way to your team’s Roster page…by clicking on the Programs/Teams tab and entering your team’s respective information in the drop down boxes. From the Team’s HOME page, click on “ADD MESSAGE” button on top left of page under your team name. This will put you into a bulletin composition mode.
  • Compose your message.
  • If you only want the message posted on the News page ONLY, then just click Submit.
  • If you also want the message emailed to your team (recommended), as well as posted as a News or Bulletin item, then click on the Email Broadcast: box and make you’re your team name is highlighted before you click on "Submit".

ANSWER: How do I Send a Text Message when I have time critical information

Sometimes you need to get time sensitive information to your player's parents and email is too slow. The website has a feature to send Text Messages to cell phones for those parents who turn the feature ON. When you create a bulletin message that you are also emailing to the team, simply check off the "Send Text Message" box at the bottom of the News Bulletin screen along with the email features check box.


ANSWER: How do I Correct or Update a Player's or Parent's Contact Info

How a coach can correct or update a player's or parent's contact info:

Ideally, you want PARENTS to update their own profile information to keep it current. Parents can do this by clicking on the "UPDATE MY ACCOUNT" menu item at the bottom of the Home Page. They need their email address and password to do this. Instructions are on the pages to walk them through the process.

In the event that Parent Input is not available and you as a coach need to update player information. Use the instructions below. Please note that THIS IS AN ADMIN FEATURE AND NOT ALL COACHES HAVE THIS ACCESS. Send an email to if you need admin to make the corrections for you.

  • After logging into the admin features,  navigate to your Team then click on the Roster menu in the left hand column.
  • To change a player’s info, click on the edit icon that is to the left of his name.
  • To change a parent’s info, click directly on the parent’s name that is below the player’s name in parenthesis
  • Make your changes, and click on Submit
  • To add an additional email address, click into the email address box, and a semi colon and a space after the existing email address and then type in the new additional address.
  • To add a parent to the player’s profile:  Bring up the player’s profile as described above, then surf to the bottom of the page and click on Clone as adult  . Input the parent’s name in this new profile page, edit in any changes such as a specific email address or cell phone for that parent and then Submit

ANSWER: How do I Add a Picture to the Website

Uploading Photo Files (Coaches, Team Moms, Parents):

  • Click on “LOG IN”
  • Put in your name (Two words--You must use your own name)
  • Password for adding pictures is: wiltonlaxpics
  • Follow directions for posting pictures to the Association Page. Guidelines are below.
  • Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption, or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.
  • Use the Browse button to display a file dialog box that you can use to locate your picture file (.JPG files only) on your computer.  Once you locate the file and submit the form, the picture will be uploaded to the web site and added to the list along with your description.  
  • Pictures wider than 580 pixels will be resized to that width.  Pictures taller than 600 pixels will be reduced to that height.  If you can, try to crop out unnecessary parts of the picture.  Also, please use your best judgment when submitting material for display here.  We don't want to have to censor anyone.

Problems?  When first going to the Picture page, you might be prompted to install an Active X file. You’ll need to do this in order to upload pictures.

COPPA Compliance:

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). The main goal of the COPPA and the rule is to protect the privacy of children using the Internet. Publication of the rule means that, as of April 21, 2000, certain commercial Web sites must obtain parental consent before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13.

We recommend not posting identifiable photos of children on the web site, unless you have permission from the parent.  Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.

For Complete Information:

ANSWER: How do I Post a Game Score

How to post game scores:

  • It is the responsibility of the HOME team to post game scores as quickly after the game as is possible.
  • Log into the admin features of the website then Menu surf your way to your team’s Results page…by clicking on the Programs/Teams tab and entering your team’s respective information in the drop down boxes and then clicking on the Results tab in the left hand column
  • Go to the game listing and enter the score next to each of the teams.
  • Submit the updated score.
  • Check the outcome for accuracy on your Results page

ANSWER: How do I download player information

Note: you must have Board Member or League Director admin access to download registration information. It is assumed that NO downloads will be sent to ANYONE else or used beyond the Wilton Lacrosse Season for which the team information is needed. Breeches will ensure that your password is removed forever.

Download Instructions BEFORE teams have been set up:

  • Log into Admin (instructions are in the "Coach-How To" Section if you don't know how
  • Click on "Administer" upper right next to your name after you have logged in
  • From the "Administrative Features" page, click on Members -> Lookup Members
  • Using the "Find Members" form, enter the following:
  1. Report Type: Download Data
  2. Member Type: Player
  3. In Grade: enter the grade(s) you want to download
  4. Currently Registered in Programs: highlight the registration program that the players will have registered in.
  5. NOTE: be sure that no TEAMS are selected in the TEAMS box on this page
  6. Click on the "Find Members" button
  • From the "Download Member Data" Screen, Click the button "Save and Download" OR if you know which fields of information you want, remove some of the fields from the "Include Columns" window, then click on "Save and Download. (suggest keeping FN, LN, No Email (so you can see who has their emails turned off), Coaching (so you can see who has volunteered to coach), Gender and Grade (so you can see who has registered in wrong program), League (so you can see who has registered for house and who has registered for travel)
  • This will give you a csv file which can be opened in excel

AFTER teams have been set up, downloads are generally not necessary as player information can be seen from the TEAM page (navigate to the team using the three drop down menus under "Programs/Teams" tab along top of screen. Coach access gives access to player details and ability to email players and post bulletin messages on the team pages.

ANSWER: How do I add Jersey Numbers to my Roster of Players?

SHORT METHOD: (you must be a Coach, AssistantCoach, Team Parent or Manager in order to add Jersey Numbers)

  1. Log into website under admin using your usual email address and password
  2. Navigate to the team you want to add jersey numbers to (three drop down boxes under the TEAM tab)
  3. Click on Roster (from left menu)
  4. Click on “Assign Jersey Numbers” from the dropdown at the top right of the roster page under “Options”
  5. Next page has you entering the team again (two drop down menus, be sure Lacrosse 2019 is in first drop down)
  6. From Alpha list of team, Assign numbers being careful not to add a number to managers and coaches


From admin drop down, select Teams -> Assign Rosters
From the selection screen enter the following information from the screenshot as EXACTLY as possible or you will get odd results and then press on the Submit button. The example is for the Wilton 6A team; you will use your team and grade info instead:

from the next screen, just click on the Submit Button. Then when you see your roster, click on the Save Roster button.
Here is the screen where you will put in Jersey Number. Please don't add new positions. All your players are just players. When you are done entering Jersey Numbers (don't add jersey numbers to coaches and team parents----leave them be), Then you will click on SUBMIT. Go back to your roster and you will see that your players now have Jersey Numbers and they are now sorted by Jersey Number.

As always, if you find these instructions confusing or beyond your scope, please contact admin for help.