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Team Managers - Girls Youth Travel Lacrosse

The role of the team manager is to act as the key liaison with hired Travel team coaches, parents, and the WLA VP Girls Lacrosse.  This allows our coaches to focus on our players and coaching the game of lacrosse.  The Team Manager role is to manage communications and handle logistics during the season.  They are also there to aid parents and share concerns with coaches and the VP Girls Lacrosse in a timely fashion.

Team Managers are expected to be present at the start and end of all practices.  They are also expected to be present at all games whether home or travel.  If there is a conflict, another parent should be designated to step in to cover the Team Manager's conflict, and notify the coach.  If a player is injured, it is the coach's responsibility to attend to the injury.  The assistant coach or Team Manager will be available to take care of the other players, and the Team Manager will call the appropriate people once the injured player has been evaluated by the coach.

Interaction between Team Manager and Parents:  Team Managers will be the main point of contact for parents.  This includes issuing all correspondence via e-mail relating to the team (game schedules and locations, practice changes, etc).  If parents have an issue, the Team Manager should be the first point of contact, not the coach(es).  

If a player has a concern, the parents should communicate to the respective Team Manager or VP Girls Lacrosse.  These designees will manage the evaluation of the particular situation.  Parents should not direct complaints to the coaches.  

Failure on the part of any parent and/or coach to adhere with the Team Manager policy may result in disciplinary action, including both parent and player of the respective parent.